About Photo Kibitz

To kibitz – to look on and offer unwelcome advise, which unfortunately I am sometimes guilty of, but it also means to speak informally, to chat. Photo Kibitz is about understanding photography by chatting with photographers and people that have an interest in photography. We’ll get to know them, their work and the work of others. It’s an opportunity for us to learn about the people behind the camera, their ideas, their inspirations, the people they admire and what happens after the shutter is pressed.

It’s inevitable tech talk will probably rear it’s head into the conversation, because, well I suppose just because and I have to admit I am probably genetically predisposed to it. Personally, I would like to keep the tech stuff to a minimum, because there are other sites, blogs and video’s out there dedicated to teaching us how to press a button. What I would like to kibitz about is what happens before and after the button is pressed. In a word, the image. After all, that is why we spend more than our life’s savings and the kid’s college fund on equipment, gadgets, supplies and invest countless hours dreaming, composing, setting-up, getting there and back, storing, sorting, filing, buying more equipment, gadgets, supplies so we can research the absolute best exposure shutter speed/f-stop combination and so on and so on. Aaaaahhhhummmm, you get the picture.

When possible and logistics allow it, I will be recording my chats in local coffee shops, because I would like to keep the conversation informal, just a couple of people sitting around a table having a friendly chat. On occasion the background noise might be a little distracting as the shop staff steam a latte, a chair gets dragged across the room, or someone interrupts us with a question.


About Michael Vuckovic

Michael Vuckovic is a familiar face to many photographers in Canada’s National Capital Region. As a retailer, Michael has served many enthusiasts to pros. As a freelance photographer he has worked on commercial and real estate projects. For over 14 seasons he was the house photographer for the Ottawa Little Theatre, providing cast portraits and production pictures.

Michael teaches at the School of Photographic Arts Ottawa (SPAO) in the Part-Time Program; Vistek Ottawa’s Saturday Seminars; and provides private one-on-one tutoring.

Michael’s photographic art work has been purchased for private collections and is on public display in select business in Ottawa.

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